Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can we just get an email from Mrs Guerra?

I am not going to have this email/blog post bash Mr Anthony Guerra, CILM, MPT, or these so called "pirates" around the internet. I am however going to address what Mr Guerra stated in his CILM newsletter and I how wish sometimes that his wife Michelle would do to her husband what most of us do with our husbands every day, filter what he says in public.

I hold a license for CILM, MPT, AMI, Suzanne Woolcott and Barbara Jensen. I have no problem saying that I am willing to pay for tubes for my hobby WHEN(this will be important later) I have the money. If I was collecting stamps, knitting, painting, taking pictures, or even hiking as a hobby, it would all include money. So do I have a problem doling out my hard earned pay as a school bus driver for images? No, but I think the package prices sometimes are a bit too high and that does steer me away. I like many Americans fought foreclosure on my house, and happily won, but that does mean my financial crisis or the crisis for anyone else is over? No and the whole world is suffering. With that being said how can we afford images/tubes? We cannot, plainly put. However, with any hobby we need to push things aside and pay for what is important.

Mr Guerra please take illegal sharing and "pirating" into perspective. People are losing their homes, their jobs, their vehicles, and are struggling to make ends meet. Does this mean illegal sharing is right? No, but people are doing this as a hobby and many of these artists are selling because TAGGERS made them known. They received free publicity from us for YEARS before this financial mess. We receive nothing for these tags aside from the occasional thank you and awesome work. We all need to find joy somewhere. I am not condoning illegal sharing, but what I am saying here is that you basically called war on taggers, once again.

Years ago you called war on us once before and we lost. We lost our freedom, and we lost our ability to enjoy our hobby. We were not maliciously hurting anyone, but understood and respected that yes everyone indeed needs to make a living and this was a sign of the times. I even have Joel Adams and many of the Fairy Society on my MySpace. As I stated earlier, if I have the money I will buy tubes here and there, but due to the economy we have all slowed down. Just as siphoning tanks is illegal, sharing PTU images are as well, and yes you must do what you need to in order to protect your business and your investment. However, sending a lengthy newsletter basically stating you are going after everyone and calling war on taggers, who most of have done nothing wrong. I really wish your wife had read your letter first and said, "dear, do you think you could have worded that a bit better before you start World War 3 with the tagging world yet again?" I have spoken to your wife on the phone, and have the up most respect for her and anyone out there trying to make ends meet running any business. Please understand I am not trying to be mean, choose sides or tell anyone here who is right or wrong. I am simply asking that you treat us the way you wish for us to treat you, with respect. You seem to take us for granted, and we are getting a bit tired of it.

Rebecca aka RMW Creations


Katra said...

Well said Rebecca!! I agree 100 per cent with you!


Faith said...

I do agree with you Rebecca, but I also understand his point, I joined a group for like a minute and then realized they were sharing all kinds of illegal tubes so I got out of there as quick as I could.

I do not think he should lump everyone into one group. Some of us are very copyright compliant. I don't like thinking that everyone who also is, is being linked with the ones that are not.

Rebecca aka RMW Creations said...

This is my point, those that are fully copyright compliant are being lumped in and if we are in a group with one illegal share, we are all being blamed. Reality is, he is calling war on all of us once again for no reason.

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JK said...

Very, very well said! I am in total agreement with your stance on this matter. As you said, if it were not for us taggers, half of these artists would be nil, and still selling on the sidewalk of Hollywood and Vine. I read one blog where this artist was actually threatening something akin to physical harm to people for using their artwork without permission. I realize there are people out there that share licensed work, but to lump all of us in the same pot, threatening “war” and/or physical harm is about as mature as sandbox hour. I am not a fan of Anthony Guerra’s art and his work pales in comparison with the likes of Keith Garvey. Thankfully I have never purchased one thing of his, so I can feel good about that.

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